A Diabetic First Aid Kit

Diabetes is an insidious disease and can be devasting for your health. It thus makes sense to have the tools on hand to deal with an attack that could otherwise get out of hand quickly. In the early stages of Type II diabetes, when tablets are still enough, all you really need is a glucometer to measure the level of blood glucose. Aside from that, medical supplies can be kept to a bare minimum. If the disease progresses past this phase and more drastic measures of control are required, you will need to have a diabetic first aid kit on hand. You can get discount medical supplies you will need online. This is very important – make sure that your loved ones knows where the kit is and how to use it.

The first item on the list is a glucometer. These can be obtained at the drugstores and some department stores. Always keep a stock of batteries on hand. You must at least test the glucose levels first thing every morning – this is the best way to establish if the sugar is controlled or not. Watch out for very cheap machines, the catch could be that the replacement strips are a lot more pricey than the others.

The strips are the next thing necessary. Do not buy too many at one time – have no more than 3-6 months supply on hand as these can expire. Expired strips are useless. Store the strips as directed – usually away from heat and moisture and always ensure that you buy strips that work with your machine.

Injection pens or syringes are a necessary evil. Always have at least one or two spares on hand. Normally, you will use these once and discard them but the pens can sometimes be used a few times to save a bit of money. Always have a spare on hand as they do tend to blunt easily. Get advice from your health care practitioner about which size or gauge needle you need to get.

For some diabetics, an insulin pump can be a lifesaving measure. These are often needed when the sugar is not kept under control. These are kept on you at all times and will release insulin as and when required. Because of the potential expense here, you need only keep a spare one or two on hand. Controlling your sugar is the better option though.

You should also consider including a basic first aid sheet in the kit – include the symptoms and first aid treatment of a diabetic coma and instructions about how to use the items in the kit. If you are in a coma, you will be in no condition to tell someone how to help you.